Friday, 28 April 2017

Content and Links Are Much More Than What You May Think

There are many people in SEO industry who usually think of themselves as the ones who never require any help. In fact, the logic they describe is that the involvement only tends to slow them down. Well, the matter of fact is the SEO no longer allows such approach. There had been days when someone would win using a one-man-army approach. But, today’s SEO is more about collaboration, especially when it comes to development of content and the link building.

Now, the experts suggest that people like clients, clients’ employed teams and webmasters are the most valuable prospects for developing content and building links.

The reasons for involvement
It would be worth mentioning here who gets involved in the content and link building and for what reason.
  • The first to talk about are the PR people. Generally, these people are experts in getting a word out about any business in the most effective manner. If you look at their approaches and the things they can find, you will surely come to know that a normal being definitely misses the chances that PR people can grab.
  • SEOs basically oversee, or get involved with at certain extent, the entire SEO processes. From a link builder’s perspective, collaborating with SEO’s to get better idea about placing links on the pages is something that can serve as the best prospect. The reason is that SEOs supervise entire procedures. They also manage the technical aspects of on page optimization. They know about the page redirects and the pages that cannot be linked. In other words, if you have got a chance to work with the qualified SEO team of your client, you can do highly targeted link building for the best of the business you are working for.
  • There is not much difference between the basic functionality of a PR and that of an outreach specialist, but both of them are qualified in their own ways. And honestly, you would want to employ both methods to get your word out. When it comes to importance of an outreach specialist, these are the people who know about the right pitch to spread a word. They know the webmasters who can extend your link building process. They also know about building relationships to lead the link building process.
  • I would like to share my own experience regarding content creation. Generally, I think of myself as someone qualified enough to create the content for any business. So, I have created content for others. Then I worked with a few businesses which had their own content creators. They provided me the content and I came to realize that the content created by a business itself is way better than the one created by a hired content creator.

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